The origin of sash windows

Sash windows are one of the best-looking windows that add an aesthetic style to your house. This window has however gained popularity since the end of the seventeenth century. Sash windows have also surprised all home lovers who are searching for a unique style to adorn their houses.

Why is Sash windows called so?

A sash window is made up of one of more movable panels or sashes that usually form a pane that helps in holding the glass panes, which are well separated by all the other panes. Sash windows are known to be a Dutch invention and in the previous times they were made of panes of flattened animal horn.

The Sash windows comprise of a framework that helps to surround the support the entire window, the head and comprises of the main part in the top of the window frame, the jambs, and sill and the Jambliner. No one knows the exact origin of the Sash windows. Sash windows have been derived from the Dutch, the French or the Europeans is still of doubt. These windows were popular in Europe during the Georgian period Sash windows had become very popular by the 20th century but their popularity again declined during the 21st century.

History of Sash windows

Sash windows have originated from the European concepts and it plays a major part in the development of the traditional box sash window. The earlier versions of the Sash window were made of glazed paint and were horizontally sliding doors, which were then improvised to vertical sliding doors. They were kept in place with a series of pegs and holes, which was all the more improvised with the help of pulleys and weights that were useful for timber sashes.

The vertical sliding sash windows are now in vogue and they are installed all across Europe throughout Britain. Sash windows are also installed in the palace of the Queen and king. If you are looking for some of the best Sash windows, you can try out Sash windows Islington that offers a mixture of architectural and modern style.


How did Sash windows look like?


Sash windows were a very common architectural design that comprised of six to eight panes and sometimes even more. They had large glazing bars and small panes. As time progressed, there was a change in the Sash windows and larger and better quality of glass was used due to which the bars were less glazy and had a great appearance. Sash horns were also introduced so that it could interact with the stress that was put on the joints of the sashes with heavier and wider glass panes. Stained glass was also a pretty popular feature that was used in the upper part of the Sash windows.


Popularity of Sash windows


Today Sash windows have again gained popularity. There are a variety of features of the window. They are one of the best-looking windows that are present in the Victorian and Georgian homes. Sash windows have a great deal of craftsmanship that makes windows look really good and sophisticated as well.  Nowadays Sash windows are available in all home décor stores and online stores as well. They can also be repaired and renewed from all-important stores.

All Sash windows have features and functions of modern windows along with a traditional look and feel. They are available in a range of finishes and also enhance the look of your property as well. The design of the Sash window has been designed to match local planning and all kinds of architectural requirements of homeowners.